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lstar 4 days ago • updated 21 hours ago 1

My results for this are different than Joachim's even though I followed the instructions exactly. In the comments of the video I noticed another user had the same issue.

Here is a screen shot of my issue, as you can see the display texture has a gray overlay when the slider is at 0, should look like the base texture 2d.

lstar 21 hours ago

The issue was that the color ramp texture's Wrap Mode needs to be set to Clamp, not Repeat.

Not a bug
Todd 5 days ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 4 days ago 1

I picked up SF to work on a specific type of effect- I need the smoke effects in this game to dissolve, rather than fade away. To do this, I'm trying to use Opacity Clip, but I'm getting weird results. It seems to "eat away" at the texture just a little bit, but then will abruptly make the entire particle disappear at once- I can't seem to find the sweet spot where the particle breaks apart smoothly. I'm not trying to to use transparency- I want the particles to be opaque until they break apart completely.

Any ideas? Am I doing something horribly wrong?


You likely just need a +/- 0.5 offset before the opacity clip input, or, you're clamping too early somewhere in the chain. In any case, it's a math issue, not really a SF issue!

sigepon 1 week ago • updated 1 week ago 2

Is it possible to distribute the .shader file created by ShaderForge on the web and publish the code?



karl 1 year ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 2 weeks ago 2

Unity 5.2 (or 5.1, not sure) adds the ability to set and get UVs as Vector2, Vector3, or Vector4 lists. It would be nice if ShaderForge could provide an option to read texcoord attributes as a fixed4 in particular.


This has now been added to 1.34!

doku 1 month ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 2 weeks ago 13

Just updated both Unity and Shader Forge and noticed that specular highlights are incorrect across all of my shaders. Here's a comparison of the base SF PBR shader and the Unity Standard Shader, both with smoothness/roughness set to 0.7. The reflection appears to be correct, but at this value the specular highlight has completely disappeared.


This has now been fixed in 1.33!