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Gabe Newell 4 weeks ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 3 weeks ago 3

Is it possible to expose on the created shader the options of the blend node (Darken, Multiply, Pin light, etc...)?


I'm afraid not - this would either be expensive (running all blend modes at the same time, and multiply-branch), slow (branching), or something that SF doesn't support (static branching)

Andrei Nadin 4 years ago • updated by Thibaud Troalen 4 weeks ago 11
I am trying to use View Direction but no matter what I do , I get this error

Shader error in 'Custom/ViewDirProblem': Program 'vert', undefined variable "viewDirection" at line 190

It seems to be broken along with reflected 
This has been fixed in Beta 0.34
ehardin 2 months ago • updated by jimmyjamesbond 4 weeks ago 8

Installed SF v1.37


It looks like your installation is broken. This has already been fixed in 1.37. Make sure you run a clean install:


Not a bug
Aixi Guo 1 month ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 1 month ago 1


I want to set normal space to world. and I use a normal blend to add my normal, but why I get some black lines on the -z direction?



The normal blend node only works when both inputs are in tangent space I'm afraid. I've updated the documentation to clarify this!


Edwon 2 years ago • updated by Jonathan Brodsky 1 month ago 6

I would like to be able to have int property that I can then use to set which stencil buffer I'm writing into.Being able to do that would increase flexibility massively.


Exposing stencil buffer values as properties is now supported as of SF 1.38