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User defined nodes to encapsulate frequently used functions

elliot.bentine 4 years ago • updated by LennardF1989 11 months ago 22
Under review

Highlighting your inputs and outputs when clicked.

jesse 4 years ago • updated by behealed 1 year ago 8

You should be able to create a shader without specifying where to save it first

Joachim Holmér (Developer) 4 years ago • updated by QuiteNice 4 years ago 4
Under review

Lightmap support for Custom Lighting Shader

CosmosTBear 4 years ago • updated by Chun Zhu 1 year ago 19

Ability to add comment to an area of nodes

AndyZ 3 years ago • updated by Julian Rocholl 4 months ago 1

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Multiplied UVs give an unexpected result

Ryan Gatts 2 months ago • updated 1 day ago 3

Light Direction not working with point lights on windows

rob0738 4 days ago • updated 4 days ago 2
Under review

Undeclared identifier 'sceneUVs' - material turns magenta upon opening shader in shader forge

skeletorso 4 months ago • updated by Loic Cayuela 4 days ago 10

Bad looking shadow artefacts

CellarPhantom 9 months ago • updated by Lucas Warner 1 week ago 3

Can not display node

Cokey Li 1 week ago 0

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Bad looking shadow artefacts

CellarPhantom 9 months ago • updated by Lucas Warner 1 week ago 3

Here are some bad shadow artefacts I can't get rid of. Quality is set to Fantastic and I use a Directional Light. They are more or less visible depending on the size of the object, and the distance you view it from. But as you can see it's not even visible on Unity's standard material in "normal" size (These are spheres created in Unity only scaled up by 5, see below for no re-scaling).

For me it gets worse and worse the more you scale them up, until you reach a couple of 100 times bigger, then it becomes less visible again.
Also if you do it tiny like 0.01, then the artefact is not really visible either.

That screen cap above of a more low poly sphere, in the left corner, have fully smooth edges, but the polys still appear greatly because of shadow artefacts.

Thanks for the support!


This was fixed in the latest version. You can also fix it by unticking the "Mask directional light specular" box.


Editor won't open in 2017.1.0b3

boof 8 months ago • updated by Zack Black 2 weeks ago 19


This has now been fixed, but the update will be delayed about 3 weeks I'm afraid


Vertex offset mode: relative/absolute switching

Gabe Newell 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

I have parts of my shader that require "absolute" and other parts that require the "relative" mode to work properly. What can I do to use both modes in a single script? Or rather what can I do to make a part of a shader turn from absolute into a relative mode?


That's usually a matter of either transforming with the local to world / world to local matrices, and/or adding the object position to the portion you want to be relative. Either make it absolute, and add the object position to the parts that should be relative, or make it relative, and subtract the object position from the parts that should be absolute. There may be additional quirks when it comes to static batching, as object position won't be valid in that case. And some matrix hackery might be necessary if you're dealing with rotated and scaled objects

Not a bug

Shader error in 'Shader Forge/2side_standard': invalid subscript 'boxMax' at line 140 (on d3d11)

Jaejun-Kim 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

current I got this error, when I built for Universal Windows Platform In Unity 2017.2.0f2

Is there something to solve?

when I built to others platform (ex PC, Android), it worked. but only uwp doesn't working

"Shader error in 'Shader Forge/2side_standard': invalid subscript 'boxMax' at line 140 (on d3d11)"

"Error building Player: Shader error in 'Shader Forge/2side_standard': invalid subscript 'boxMax' at line 140 (on d3d11)"



Odd. It could be that box projection simply isn't supported on UWP. I would try disabling it for UWP specifically


See Behind object shader

Deo 3 years ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 2 months ago 3
Is there any way to create shader to see behind object?

Like this one  >>>>   http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Silhouette-Outlined_Diffuse