Unity 2017.0.1f3 Previews All White

Warren Wang 4 months ago • updated by Matt Moheeka 3 months ago 2


In Unity 2017 when I create a new custom lighting shader the dot products amongst other things are showing as solid white previews. Currently running latest Shader Forge 1.37.


Using Real-time node Rendering under settings kind of helped a bit but still have to disable skybox for it to "work". The drawn previews in this look reversed while some previews have white outline artifacts showing up.


Damn, thank you so much for even getting me that far(disabling skybox for things to work). I've been using a lot of dot products and it has been driving me crazy for days. Tried everything. Unity free/pro. and went back like 4 versions and still no luck.

This is an annoying bug, but very gracious for the ducttape you have provided!