PS4 Tesselation compile error.

Jeakim Hamel 2 years ago • updated by Benjamin Magnussen 6 months ago 2

Using Unity 5.2.1p2 and SF 1.18. Unity won't compile a Tesselation shader for PS4. I actually found out that the problem is from the domain name definition which seems to confuse Unity.

#pragma domain domain

VertexOutput domain () {}

Using ds_surf as a domain name compiles and runs on PS4 :)

#pragma domain ds_surf

VertexOutput ds_surf () {}

Found the correct name from: inspecting the surface shader generated code from these shaders:


Hi, I try this method with shaderforge demo tesselation shader and it works on PS4. So please apply this method to shaderforge :)


This question/bug is kinda old now but I see no implementation of the fix in the latest build. I'm not able to apply this fix, so will it be implemented/fixed at some point in the future?