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LightProbes don't interact with light color node and diffuse wrap

brum 12 months ago • updated by Joachim Holmér (Developer) 11 months ago 1

With the new 5.6 release, it seems like there is a whole lot more focus on lighting dynamic objects via light probes, but i can't find any information as to how one could make use of them within shaderforge.

I know you can enable them in the shader setting and that's fine, but i can't find anything that would give me options to mess with the lighting coming from them. They just seem to be applied after the shader does it's stuff, since multiplying lightcolor by any value doesn't make any difference in the object's lighting within the actual scene.

LightColor node doesn't seem to do anything with light probes.

Under review

Currently there's no way to access probe data and manipulate it specifically in SF, but it might come in a future update.