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Outline Width Causes Point Light Flicker

Stephen Boyce 2 years ago • updated by Jon Demos 9 months ago 4

While I've never encountered this issue before, it seems lately that any Shader Forge shader (custom made or even the example ones) that uses custom lighting causes any point lights to flicker when in Play mode whenever "Outline Width" is enabled. 

In the scene view, they work as normal, as soon as I hit play and move the camera, they flicker on and off. Once I disable outline width, no issues occur.

I've tried adjusting the max number of lights (issue occurs with even one point light), camera clipping ranges, lighting importance, no overlapping lights, reinstalled SF, tested in new project, etc. 

The issue does not occur when using any other non-outline shader, works perfectly. Any advice is appreciated.

I'm using SF 1.36 and Unity 5.6.0f3

Under review

I can't seem to be able to reproduce this. Do you have a repro case?


Made a video to better show the situation. Hope this helps


I am also having this issue and would similarly appreciate any advice

I know SF is no long supported, but I'm having the same issue and hoping that by posting here I can see if either Cherie or Stephen found a solution.