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Expose BlendOp to shaderforge UI

brum 5 months ago • updated 3 months ago 3

I'm working on a stylized game and I'm noticing a lot of issues that can be solved by BlendOp Max; but every time i compile my shader in shaderforge i have to manually edit the compiled code, otherwise i get a rectangle around my light's radius;

For some reason even with 1 light and a very simple shader that's lerping between 2 colors (with a clamped t), it creates this additive double-drawing of the shader, which is fixed by blendop max (it basically just uses the strongest light source instead of adding them up)

I know Amplify has this option in it already, but i like SF more. Would it be possible to add this?

Is this asset just not being developed anymore?

Under review

Hey! It is, though very very slowly at this point, due to other projects having priority, which makes me put emphasis on bugfixing rather than adding features. That being said, Shader Forge includes source now, so it's possible to extend it in the meantime if you want to

Thanks for the response!

Is there any reason you aren't hiring someone to take over development, since you don't have much time?

The competition is getting so much stronger, you may be better off trying to get someone to patch your asset.

The way the market is right now, i think your tool will fall behind and then keep falling behind until amplify shader editor replaces it completely, and i don't think that's good for either you or the users of your asset.