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Strange Black line on Emissive materials in Windows

shawnkawa 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 2

So me and some one else i work with get this strange black line on on Transparent additive or alpha blended materials. 

here is a image of it  has anyone got this or know what this is ?

Under review

Looks like it could be related to post effects, or an incorrectly set up texture (usually accidentally set to wrap instead of clamp). Hard to tell what's wrong without more information

Than ks for the fast reply ok . heres a images of the shader

and this one is a images of the material it is a additive so we shouldn't see a black line

the textures need to be on repeat because their are scrolling noise textures used with a UV cord ramp.( so i clamped the textures just to test but that didnt seem to help)

let me know if you need more info