IOS PBR Black Environment Lighting only

SimssmiS 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 3

using the basic PBR Shader and only Environmental Light Produced by Skybox. The Material Renders Black. I would need to add a Realtime Light for it to appear visible. (The Gameobject is loaded into the Scene during runtime) Using standard Unity Shader or running in Editor or Android fixes the Problem.

I'm thankful for any Help. If you need any more Information just ask.

(running Unity 5.6.3)


oh yeah of course I activated following target renderes


Reducing Gloss to<1 fixes part of the Problem

There is not such a black Point in the reflection HDR CubeMap

And the Reflective area is also only a round Shape witch ends at about 70° (at Glass 0.99, lower gloss less black outer area) After that its again Black

removing directSpecualr in the specular calculation and only using indirect Specular seems to remove the Black Areas. but still I don't think this is the right solution but maybe help fixing it.

I traced down the issue but am stuck right now 

float visTerm = SmithJointGGXVisibilityTerm( NdotL, NdotV, roughness ); -> causing the Black outer circle

float normTerm = GGXTerm(NdotH, roughness); -> causing the Black Dot

NdotL and NdotH are probably causing the problem. changing them to 0.5 removes the black areas.