Light Direction not working with point lights on windows

rob0738 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

I tried the same shaderforge shader both on mac and windows. It works fine on mac, but not on windows. When debugging I found the issue is with the Light Dir node.

When the Light Dir node is connected to custom lighting on an unlit shader - it's coming out as black for me when using point lights in my scene (no direction light). In the shader forge preview I see a green shade on the preview sphere (as there should be), but in the scene viewport it's completely black. Why isn't the Light Direction Node working on windows? How can I fix this. Turning on a directional light it works - but it should also work with point lights.

I'm on shader forge: 1.38

Unity 2017.2.0f3

Windows 10

Nvidia gtx 980ti

Please please help. Thanks in advance.

just updated to unity 2017.2.1f1... still not working...

After more debugging when I deleted the camera on windows it worked. Found out the 'Allow HDR' toggle needs to be turned off on the camera in order for Light Dir to show anything on Windows. At least it's working now, but I'd love more info on why this is different between windows/mac and if there's any other setting that might be better to achieve this.