Undo functionality

marko permanto 11 ár síðan updated by Freya Holmér (Developer) 10 ár síðan 17

I accidentally un-did something in the background instead when I hit ctrl-z, the focus in SF should atleast intercept that and do nothing.

This would be very useful. I also miss a Undo function. But i can imagein it would be a Huge task to programm this in.

This is quite a big task, I'll consider it, but I wouldn't get my hopes up!


Yeah I understand, don't prioritize it, but it would atleast be a good idea to catch the shortcut and do nothing, so it doesn't Undo stuff in rest of Unity, which caused some confusion for me


Catch the shortcut and do nothing. I think ShaderForge is perfectly fine without undo. 

A little update on this - If undo were to be implemented, SF would also move up to 4.3 as minimum Unity version. 4.3 switched to a new Undo system, and deprecated the old system. I'd rather keep SF striving to stay up-to-date rather than backwards compatible.
I've used Shader Forge for about 4 hours all up (it's great btw) and have wanted an undo function about 10 - 15 times already. My suggestion would be to implement something similar to Strumpy which simply uses a different command from Unity. Strumpy uses Alt+Z. Takes a little bit of getting used to but works totally fine. Maybe a little hint message in the editor window if you're worried about people not knowing it.
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This is now implemented in Shader Forge Beta 0.29 :)
0.29 is out now, anyhow, so, yeah, go nuts! Make mistakes and then undo!