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Hi, I got a scene with realtime light setup. We use 2 directional lights. 1 pixel shadow casting light and a vertex backlight. Somehow the shaders created in SF doesn't show the vertex back light. It does show when its a pixel light is this a bug or is it me?



Per-Vertex lighting is currently not supported, but it's a planned feature


Per-Vertex lighting is currently not supported, but it's a planned feature

Not yet! But is is something that's most likely going to be added for 1.0
Fast reply, many thanks.

Oh wow, thats a few months away I guess. For mobile development I think this is super important.

Basically all shaders are only lit from Pixel and Ambient lights in Unity when crafted from Shader Forge at the moment?

This is a great tool for sure but its a bit too 'next-gen' for what Unity is aimed for imho
It's not as far away as it sounds, I actually have a nearly working implementation. The tricky part is all the caveats :)
And yes, most things in SF is handled on a per-pixel level, while some things are optional. For instance, light probes can be both vert and frag sampled.
But at the moment, SF isn't very mobile aligned, SF is created to push the boundaries of what's possible on the high-end.
Ok Joachim, I will keep my eyes out for updates.

Great software but once you have it more mobile friendly make another big push as for us social media tycoons that is where the 'next gen' looking art has to come from ;)

Any update on per-vertex lighting shader?
Not really, it's not prioritized at the moment

We'd love to have that! Any updates?


Would also be very interested in vertex lighting :) I have a very similar situation as op.


I have been using Shader Forge for about 2 years now and it is great but I also need vertex lighting and have started to use the Amplify Shader editor which does support vertex lighting and a few other cool things.

I am learning and totally love this program.  However, my question is why shaderforge wouldn't make vertex lighting as a priority.  Virtual reality and augmented reality are about to explode, and most of the work needed is in mobile.  Plus even on consoles the artist needs to be able to optimize the scenes greatly.  I can't think of anything else that would be more useful than having access to a tool that allows for reduced draw calls and optimization.  

Unable to use vertex lights really sucks. I can't suffer the performance that comes with per-pixel lighting.