Copying/renaming shader issues

Julian Allescher 9 лет назад 0
Haven't found something in the search, so I'll post it here.

In order to copy a shader I currently use this workflow:

1.Duplicate the ".shader" in the Windows Explorer Shader folder
2. Rename it.
3. It is now visible in the Unity Explorer, but it's still not being listed in the Shader-Selection-Dropdown menu inside the material component.
4. In order to fix this, I need to open the shader in Shaderforge and have to rename the Shader under "Shader Settings"->"Path". Even though renaming it in [2] it still got the path from the original shader.
5. Shader now visible in the material component dropdown menu.

Now I've encountered a slightly different situation. I tried to "rename" a shader by just changing the name inside of "Shader Settings"->"Path" without duplicating it before.
However, it's being listed as renamed in the material component shader dropdown menu, but I am not able to find a ".shader".-file in my Unity project.

I still can edit that shader, but this is not optimal for me :D Especially because I want to duplicate that shader.

I could manually copy all nodes and paste it into a new shader though...

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