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Great. Looking forward to the fix when 1.27 releases

I did some more tests. By switching the project to PC (from Android) and enabling Deffered instead of Forward I can get the SF gloss to match. There's another thread on here asking for GGX in Forward from 8 months ago saying it will be implemented in the next release. Is this still the case? Is that what is causing the issue for me? I did some research and it looks like Unity implemented GGX as the default in 5.3 so it'd be good to have the option to match. I tried forcing GGX to off ( #define UNITY_BRDF_GGX 0) inside UnityStandardConfig.cginc but couldn't replicate the effects caused by the SF gloss response. I may be totally wrong but it appears that GGX 0 should force normalized blinn phong - is that what SF is using atm?

Our team cannot simply switch to Unity 5 over 2 years into development (it's not an option at this stage). I bought SF for this project but am I right in assuming it is broken in U4 and you're simply not going to fix it? You mentioned 1.06 is the latest version for U4 - are you inferring there's a non broken earlier version (with lightmaps working) ?
Unless I missing something I really think the Asset store page should be updated to make it clear that Shader Forge doesn't support lightmapped shaders. Many games in production are still using U4 and enabling the lightmap tag breaks the shader.
As there's been no response I've made a new thread specifically for the U4 1.06 issue (perhaps this one isn't being read since it's marked as fixed/not a bug). Really need this looked at as we're shipping very soon.
So reading above it looks like the wrong version of SF gets downloaded with U4. Is this going to be rectified? I see this is marked as answered but the problem isn't really fixed and it's been 5 days since I posted. I also am on 1.06 (downloaded with U4). Please update or provide a version that works with U4. Thanks
Hi Joachim, I'm using SF 1.06 in Unity 4.6.6.p3 and finding I'm getting bugs as soon as I toggle Lightmapping in SF. Even with just a diffuse (_MainTexture) hooked up. The errors I'm getting:

Shader error in 'Custom/PitchSF': undefined variable "unity_LightmapST" undefined variable "unity_LightmapST" at line 65
Shader error in 'Custom/PitchSF': undefined variable "unity_Lightmap" unable to find compatible overloaded function "tex2D(error, float2)" at line 76