Editor won't open in 2017.1.0b3

boof 7 months ago • updated by Yorick van de Haar 5 days ago 11



This has now been fixed, but the update will be delayed about 3 weeks I'm afraid


To be clear, this happens when pressing the "Open shader in Shader Forger" button in the inspector.

Under review

SF doesn't support beta versions I'm afraid. The next update will be for 5.6, and after that it'll probably start to target Unity 2017.


Got the same issue and found that it boils down to the way the reference to the Camera object in the SF_PreviewWindow. m_camera. SF tries to read the m_camera variable from the PreviewRenderUtility class, which has been made obsolete and Unity is suggesting to use the 'camera' getter instead. The same goes for the m_Light variable.

By assigning pruCam / pruLights like this in seems to solve the issue:

// class: SF_PreviewWindow, function: SetupPreview

PreviewRenderUtility pru = pruRef as PreviewRenderUtility;

pruCam = pru.camera;

pruLights = pru.lights;

I've tested this for Unity 2017 (beta 5) and seems to work at first glance. Can't say if anything else is broken due to obsolete fields in 2017 or other potential incompatibilities.


This has now been fixed, but the update will be delayed about 3 weeks I'm afraid

I'm missing time at the moment. Should be done this week at least!

Hey Joachim

really keen to get this update! Is it coming out this week still?



Monday or Tuesday. Apologies for the delays

By the way - I generally don't update SF to support beta versions of Unity, but this fix is something that should have been fixed even without the errors, so consider this an exception!

Hey, I've recently upgraded to Unity 2017.2.0f3 and this bug returned, I did a clean install like you explained in the FAQ

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But got exactly these error logs. Is there anything else I can do to fix this?