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Highlighting your inputs and outputs when clicked.

jesse 11 ár síðan updated by Demian Ford 2 ár síðan 9

A feature that proved to be very useful was being able to click and input/output and see the flow of nodes through the shader.

The images attached are from TRIs Infernal Engine which was initially modeled around UDK.

You can see how if you click on the Diff input, it highlights the path of nodes that feed into it in red.

Image 18

When you click an input/output in the middle of the shader it shows you where the nodes go in Green and shows the nodes that feed into it in red.

Image 19

Seems pretty cool! I'm not sure if it's *that* useful though, but I'll consider it! I suppose votes will tell :)


I also worked in Infernal. It was usefull but I think it would be more usefull to have it highlighted when you hover a connection rather than when clicked. 

That or, just highlight what you have under your cursor. It would be nice especialy with the "delete what's under" mechanic you have established. 


It's a very useful feature when you open up complex shaders that someone else created. It helps you see the logic flow much easier.

it seems this is implemented now, at least to some extent... it does not show the whole flow but only to the next nodes but its a good start!

The green/reds are just to indicate what is about to be added and removed, respectively. The light blue highlight is just lines leading to one of your selected nodes

I use ShaderForge extensively and this would be a HUGELY helpful feature.  My shader graphs can get pretty complicated (and I try very hard to keep them organized and nicely spaced/aligned) and if I revisit them after even a few days of not looking at them, it can be difficult to remember what connects to what, as I'm constantly adding/removing node networks but sometimes keeping them off to the side "just in case" I want to plug them back in.

Being able to clearly see what I am currently using would save me a lot of trouble of having to read through the networks and reverse-engineering what I already plugged together days or weeks ago.

How/when it shows up, I'm not too sure.  I like the idea of clicking on the line to turn the highlight on, and then clicking on it again to turn the highlight off.  I don't think I would like it to ALWAYS display, nor would I like it to be on mouseover since now you'd constantly have highlights turning on/off as you navigate the shader.

Well I donno about the rest of you, but I am working with HUGE shader forge shaders that make heavy use of the "GET" and "SET" nodes, to keep it manageable. Those nodes are great, but I've had to resort to DELETEING "set" nodes just so I could see where all the nodes are that "get" that particular value. Then I once I've seen it, I hit undo and hope it goes back to the way it was. Useually does. :)

Being able to click on a set node, and see it highlight all the corresponding get nodes, would be worth.


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