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No, but it said it was replacing everything. It may have been lying about that. Hmmm.

Yes I think it's okay now, I had some unexpected weirdness with the source controls systems there.

But please note that the packaged demo shaders don't work without being re-opened too :-)

I'm having problems with this line in multiple shaders (including your samples)

float specularPBL = max(0, (NdotL*visTerm*normTerm) * unity_LightGammaCorrectionConsts_PIDiv4 );

It's not able to resolve unity_LightGammaCorrectionConsts for some reason. Ideas?

Shader compiles fine if I forcein the raw constant value (3.141592653/4)

FWIW I just got bitten by this yet, again. Please call UnityEditor.VersionControl,Checkout() before compiling. Please! Pretty Please!

Okay, have it now, I tried d/l whilst still in 5.2.3. Can I suggest you put the minimum version req. in the "download new version" message on the Shader Forge about dialog?


Hello, the Asset Store still seems to be serving up only the v1.25 package as of today.

I notice I have to manually check stuff out, is it supposed to be checking stuff out?

(FWIW. I use the UnityEditor.VersionControl API in my own utils )