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Not possible via code node? Global seems pointless since you'd have to make a global var for each material/texture.

Thanks for the response!

Is there any reason you aren't hiring someone to take over development, since you don't have much time?

The competition is getting so much stronger, you may be better off trying to get someone to patch your asset.

The way the market is right now, i think your tool will fall behind and then keep falling behind until amplify shader editor replaces it completely, and i don't think that's good for either you or the users of your asset.

Is this asset just not being developed anymore?

Why isn't it enabled by default? Every shader made with SF won't work with shaderforge by default. Why not just check the box by default?

Feels like this plugin is reaching a dead end, why not just announce it? Why not hire more staff?

Is there any chance/way to expose the "Blend mode" of a shader (from the shaderforge shader editor window) into the actual compiled shader? I feel it's kind of redundant having to create 3 versions of a particle the shader for additive/multiply/alphablended versions.

One of my key shaderforge shaders don't work at all in webgl, they're completely invisible, i can see through them. My other, less complex shaders work, but this shader should run on DX9 just fine, it's not doing anything crazy.

The Acol property doesn't seem to show up even if i plug an RGBA Texture2D into the mask field, but it doesn't throw errors like it does with vertex colors.

I've looked at the advanced splatmap tutorial, i assume you could achieve the height blending effect 4 textures using channel blend + vertex colors + height maps?

I tried what you suggested, i'm getting the same errors.

I don't know what i'm doing wrong, here is the node:

As soon as i plug in either my custom node or the append note into the mask, the program just completely breaks and runs at 1fps, while getting 10 errors a second.

My vertex colors do have alpha.