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Meaning - the update after the one releasing today. Today's release has some priority fixes that need to go out as quickly as possible

When making post effect shaders, you should be using a Texture2D node with an internal name of _MainTex, which will contain the colors previously rendered on the screen. Incidentally, this is *much* more optimized as well. I should really fix the post effect preset to reflect this :)

Though, I'm actually not sure why SceneColor doesn't work, but it is probably something you wouldn't want to use in a post shader regardless.

I can't seem to be able to reproduce this. Do you have a repro case?

By the way - I generally don't update SF to support beta versions of Unity, but this fix is something that should have been fixed even without the errors, so consider this an exception!

Monday or Tuesday. Apologies for the delays

You should be able to use the Append node to append XYZ and W together, then send it into the code node

I'm missing time at the moment. Should be done this week at least!