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The normal blend node only works when both inputs are in tangent space I'm afraid. I've updated the documentation to clarify this!

Looks like something might be wrong with render platforms. What platform are you targeting?

I'm unable to reproduce this running the very same Unity version (2017.1.0f3), with SF (1.37) downloaded from the asset store. It seems like something is likely going awry with some Unity asset cache or something.

Updating has always been oddly unreliable, and the one reliable thing I've seen that works to do a clean install as in the procedure I linked above. If that doesn't work, I really don't know if there's anything I can do about it.

If you still get that error, all I know is that Unity didn't get you a clean 1.37 install, you've got an older version.

It looks like your installation is broken. This has already been fixed in 1.37. Make sure you run a clean install:

Exposing stencil buffer values as properties is now supported as of SF 1.38

The current outline method in Shader Forge is very cheap and fast, but doesn't look as good as you can do with more specialized shaders. Keep in mind that most good looking outlines are applies as a post effect, not as a shader on every surface. I'd do some digging into to see how those shaders are structured, and work from there.
In any case, this isn't a feature request, so I'm closing the thread.

Glad you like SF regardless!

While this is impossible for the depth node, it has now been implemented in the scene depth node!

More info:

This has now been added to 1.38. The Scene Depth node now has a UV input, and there's now a pixel size node to aid in proper offsetting for all aspect ratios :)

I'm afraid Shader Forge is likely not the right tool for the job, as a pointcloud shader is a very specific and specially coded shader for rendering those