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It looks like you're on an old version of SF, it shouldn't happen with the latest

I'd try restarting Unity between step 3 and 4! The .dll might still be loaded

I wish there was a final fix. There genuinely seems to be a bug with how assets are updated sometimes, where some users are getting an older version of the plugin than they wanted. It could be related to not closing Unity between removing SF and reinstalling it, where the .dll is still loaded, or something similar. But at this point, I really don't know how to debug it when everything, for some reason, works fine on my end :(

Looks like it could be related to post effects, or an incorrectly set up texture (usually accidentally set to wrap instead of clamp). Hard to tell what's wrong without more information

That's usually a matter of either transforming with the local to world / world to local matrices, and/or adding the object position to the portion you want to be relative. Either make it absolute, and add the object position to the parts that should be relative, or make it relative, and subtract the object position from the parts that should be absolute. There may be additional quirks when it comes to static batching, as object position won't be valid in that case. And some matrix hackery might be necessary if you're dealing with rotated and scaled objects

While this is a bug, it's likely just a visual one in the nodes themselves, so the shader is most likely unaffected. (Probably relating to gamma issues)

If it's happening to the shaders, it could be because you're using it in texture samplers, where you can also set the scale/offset values per-texture

I really don't know why this keeps happening. It should be happening if you're on an older version of SF, but not on the latest. It seems to me that the asset store updater doesn't always properly update your assets :(

You can set the depth test of a shader to only draw behind objects, or you can use the stencil buffer to mask specific things

You just move the shader file. You shouldn't be able to get any namespace errors, unless you accidentally moved scripts or the .dll

Odd. It could be that box projection simply isn't supported on UWP. I would try disabling it for UWP specifically