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closed Unity, deleted, restarted Unity, re-imported.

Still doing the same thing.

I'm using some old videocards too to make things more complicated.

ATI Radeon HD 4800

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470

3 Monitors and I'm running Unity on my secondary monitor (Crossover 27Q running @2560x1440 60hz)

I tried deleting the connections and reconnecting them and they're still messed up.

I also made a new node (node_11) and when I drag and drop a texture or select one, it shows me a screenshot of the editor window with the texture in the upper left as shown below. (The texture is not supposed to be green like that either)

I close ShaderForge and reopen it and this is what it looks like now.

The nodes only worked the proper way the first time I ran ShaderForge.

I'm going to try deleting and re-importing ShaderForge next.

Unity 4.2.0f4


windows 7 64bit

It's a very useful feature when you open up complex shaders that someone else created. It helps you see the logic flow much easier.