SF has now been discontinued - thank you for all your feedback!

Shader Forge development has now been discontinued, due to me not having the time to work on it anymore, and support it as much as you all deserve! I'm moving on to future projects.

If you want an up-to-date shader editor, I recommend checking out Unity's Shader Graph or Amplify Shader Editor. You can also grab the Shader Forge source code on GitHub!

For all of you who were part of this community, thank you so much for providing feedback, reporting bugs and helping each other out, as well as helping Shader Forge grow! I couldn't have done this without you all :)

// Freya Holmér


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Under review

User defined nodes to encapsulate frequently used functions

elliot bentine fa 10 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 23
Under review

Highlighting your inputs and outputs when clicked.

jesse fa 10 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 9

You should be able to create a shader without specifying where to save it first

Freya Holmér (Developer) fa 10 anys updated by Hunters Alvin fa 3 mesos 7
Under review

Lightmap support for Custom Lighting Shader

CosmosTBear fa 9 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 20

texture arrays and gpu instancing.

Ablab fa 7 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 8

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Ability to add comments to nodes

colin fa 10 anys updated by Cyril fa 3 mesos 29

I'm generating shader networks that are getting disturbingly large! Until there's the ability to zoom in and out, the only way I can think of that would allow me to organise things a bit better would be the ability to add a comment to any node -- also good for documenting what does what when making example shaders.

There are multiple ways in which you will be able to organize and view your node trees, all which are planned :)
- Zooming
- Node comments
- Area comments
- Nested nodes

Edit: A little late update; but commenting is now possible as of Beta 0.15, by right-clicking on nodes :)
Not a bug

Texures are black on android but works in unity editor.

Sine Anima fa 8 anys updated by Fatih Barut fa 5 mesos 6
I made a simple Bumped Specular shader in shader forge, it´s just three texture2d and they are connected to their respective channel, diffuse, specular and normal. In the unity editor it works perfectly but when I run it on android all textures are just black.

Any Idea on how to fix this?
I see! I'll keep it in mind if anyone else get the same issue :)

Editor won't open in 5.6

Keenan Woodall fa 6 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 6

I'm using 5.6 and the editor wont open. The shaders work fine, but again, I can't edit anything or create anything with Shader Forge. Here's a recording of it not working.

Youtube video


Thanks for finding this out! This has been an issue for a very long time, and nobody had ever really found a consistent way to get Unity to download the correct one. I presume it works now?


ShaderForge recreation of Standard Shader Gloss Response

George Allan fa 7 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 11

For some reason I'm having trouble recreating the gloss/smoothness response of the Standard Shader. I'm trying to recreate it as a base for further shaders. The gloss response gives a really tight tail in SF as it gets higher until there's almost no falloff. Could this be related to SF not having GGX?


This should now be fixed in 1.27


How to use shader Forge achieve the roughness of fabric

Mingpo Huang fa 7 anys updated by Demian Ford fa 10 mesos 2

I am using the shader Forge rendering model suits do not even know what method to achieve surface roughness clothing


Enable PBR and sett glossiness to a very low value, or 0. If you're using the roughness model, set it to something very high