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This place has been amazing to have during the alpha/beta phase, and I hope it will be continuously used so I can make sure Shader Forge becomes as good as possible for us all!

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• Don't use this place to ask how you make a specific type of shader, this is a place to request features and report bugs. Ask your how-do-I questions here!

For all of you who were part of the semi-closed alpha/beta testing - a HUGE thanks to all of you for being so helpful finding all of these bugs so far!

// Joachim Holmér


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Under review

User defined nodes to encapsulate frequently used functions

elliot.bentine 4 tagasi • updated by LennardF1989 1 aasta tagasi 22
Under review

Highlighting your inputs and outputs when clicked.

jesse 4 tagasi • updated by behealed 1 aasta tagasi 8
Under review

Lightmap support for Custom Lighting Shader

CosmosTBear 4 tagasi • updated by Chun Zhu 2 tagasi 19

Ability to add comment to an area of nodes

AndyZ 3 tagasi • updated by Julian Rocholl 7 tagasi 1

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Soft Particals and Depth Blend don't work with ShaderFroge Shader.

Viktor Komarovskikh 4 tagasi • updated by amir buganov 12 hours ago 1

Environment lighting not working for Deferred render path in SF 1.38 in Unity 2017.3.1

Joeri eile kell 4:31 • uuendatud 14 hours ago 1

Shader cannot be opened anymore in SF!

Gekigengar 2 tagasi 0

Two-sided sign node

zoltan.erdokovy 4 tagasi • updated by AntonioEffectsFX 2 tagasi 11

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Not a bug

How do we use Shaderforge to export a standalone shader for a Unity Project that DOESN'T include Shaderforge itself?

rosstin 4 tagasi • updated by baroquedub eile kell 3:43 4

We're exporting a shader from Shaderforge and trying to use it in another project that doesn't have Shaderforge, but we get a namespace error.


You just move the shader file. You shouldn't be able to get any namespace errors, unless you accidentally moved scripts or the .dll


Two-sided sign node

zoltan.erdokovy 4 tagasi • updated by AntonioEffectsFX 2 tagasi 11

In double sided shaders it would be useful to tell the two sides apart.

If the node is called "TwoSidedSign" then it should produce 1 for front side and -1 for backside.

If the name ends up being something like "IsBackSide" then 0 for front, 1 for back. (This approach would make it simpler to use it in Lerps.)

This has now been fixed in 1.18. No more artifacts + this node :)


Won't display shader nodes anymore

Gabe Newell 4 tagasi • uuendatud 4 tagasi 3

I created this shader with Shader Forge but suddenly it stopped displaying upon a new opening of the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J4pABi4hPRJZPNok-ZyEJJ7JsjtUqyBR/view?usp=drivesdk

All my other shaders open and display properly


Nevermind it's back.


Is it possible to set stencil shader and blending options using a property?

Edwon 2 tagasi • updated by Alexpaul 4 tagasi 7

I would like to be able to have int property that I can then use to set which stencil buffer I'm writing into.Being able to do that would increase flexibility massively.


Exposing stencil buffer values as properties is now supported as of SF 1.38


Move the light source in the Preview window

Andrei Nadin 4 tagasi • updated by Alexpaul 4 tagasi 15

Add a right mouse drag in the preview window to change the light direction? sometimes it is very handy to be able to see the back of the mesh

As of 1.20, you can now rotate the lights using RMB :)